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Chemsearch FE Changing the paradigm for facility resource management

Due to population growth, drought or infrastructure failure, buildings nationwide are implementing aggressive water and energy reduction plans. Chemsearch FE is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their resource management goals through innovative solutions, patented technologies and education. FE is committed to making sustainability less of a responsibility and more of a core functional requirement.

Quality & Innovation

We are committed to helping facility engineers achieve sustainability goals through constant innovation, patented technologies and tailored education.

  • We possess over 120 patents worldwide.
  • Our advanced technologies include cryogenics, water treatment, enzyme and bacteriological control.
  • We are continuously improving our formulations to exceed our customers’ most stringent demands.

For those who manage the operation of hotels, commercial buildings, residences, hospitals, universities or virtually any structure utilized by people, we are there to help. With over 100 years of experience, Chemsearch FE has the professional expertise to help promote a cleaner, more energy efficiency and a healthier environment.

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